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Light Sensitivity and Filters to Help

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Light Sensitivity and Filters to Help

Do you suffer from light sensitivity? Is it too bright to go outside without sunglasses? Did you know that there are different filters you can get in sunglasses that help to make your eyes more comfortable?

At our office we carry NoIR filter lenses, Cocoons, JP fit over sunglasses all with different filters to help with these issues.

It is important when choosing a filter that is right for you that you also have the proper frame to fit the filter you choose. Having wrapped sunglasses or a frame that keeps ancillary light out from the top and sides of the frame will allow less light to reach the eye thus allowing the filter to be more effective.

Are sunglasses not an option for you? Do you prefer not to wear sunglasses all the time? Filter contact lenses are an option for you as well. Colored filter contact lenses provide an excellent option to reduce the amount of light and glare that you get.

Some diagnoses that are often well treated by colored filters include but are not limited to:

Achromatopsia, retinitis pigmentosa, cataracts and post cataracts, corneal pathology, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and night blindness

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Sometimes when you suffer from light sensitivity it is in fact a symptom caused by a more subtle finding. This can be something caused by an imbalance between your two eyes. It can also be caused by dry eyes. Working through the cause of the light sensitivity will help to better manage the symptoms but also the underlying problem. If we can get at the root of the problem, sometimes we can help relieve a lot of the symptoms. Very often times people who suffer a concussion or brain injury have light sensitivity after the injury. In a study I completed looking retrospectively at filters chosen by soldiers returning from war with a new level of light sensitivity, most of the soldiers chose a red or orange colored filter to help relieve their symptoms. There have been other reports that people with post concussion often chose a blue filter. Many migraine sufferers get relief from a blue filtered lens.

Working with patients who have light sensitivity issues, which holds true for myself as well, I have found that simply correcting any uncorrected refractive error and putting people in glasses, even for a mild prescription will often help improve the symptoms.

If you are suffering for extreme light sensitivity or you know someone who is please come to see us at Eyes of NM Family Optometry and Contact Lenses in Albuquerque, NM and we will be happy to help work through some of the problems.

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