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Myopia Management For Children

Myopia Management Treatments

The earlier your child's myopia (nearsightedness) is treated, the more our Albuquerque eye doctors can help reduce its impact on your child's vision now and reduce their long-term risk of serious eye disease in the future. Our eye care team specializes in treatments that have been shown to slow or even stop the progression of your child's myopia. These include options that may allow your child to be free of eyeglasses and contact lenses all day.

Research has shown that environmental factors can heavily influence your child's vision. In a world with too many close-distance activities (like reading and device use) and lack of outdoor play, eye care experts are seeing a rapid increase in childhood myopia. While glasses and contact lenses compensate for a child's blurry distance vision, they don't stop your child's vision from getting worse over time. Children with myopia often develop it as they reach school age, and it typically worsens until their late teens or early 20s.

Because myopia management is usually most effective for children and teens, the usual age range given for the treatment is up to a person's late teens or early 20's. Our eye doctors tend not to give a specific age range, however. This is because, in rare cases, myopia can continue to progress even into adulthood. In these cases, our eye doctors would still consider myopia management to be an effective treatment option, with ortho-k being the usual method of choice. Regardless of age, if it is an appropriate treatment, our eye doctors will recommend it.


Why Myopia Matters

We always advise our patients that the inconvenience of wearing glasses isn't the only thing to worry about with myopia. Scientific evidence has proven that children who have myopia are at significantly higher risk of developing a wide range of sight-threatening diseases and complications as they get older.

Though causes may vary, the most common cause of Myopia is an eye growing too long. Even a low amount of myopia can make a child's risk of retinal detachment as much as four times higher than that of their non-myopic peers. And for children with moderate to severe myopia, that risk increases up to ten times. Other myopia risks include glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

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How It Works


Our Albuquerque practice uses cutting-edge optometry equipment to create a personalized treatment plan for your child.


Myopia management treatments include non-invasive methods such as customized contact lenses and special prescription eye drops.


Data from children using our patent-pending Treehouse Vision System® treatment plan shows a 78% decrease in the progression of their myopia vs. no treatment.


At your initial consultation, your Treehouse Eyes doctor will determine the treatment that will work best for your child.

Myopia Can Be Managed

Myopia can be a potentially dangerous condition, that requires proper management as part of your child's overall vision and eye health. This is especially true in conjunction with the normal challenges inherent in living life with poor vision. The goal of myopia management is to slow or even stop the progression of myopia and reduce its impact on your child's life both in the short-term and the long-term. The younger myopia management begins, the more effective the treatment.

We are excited at Eyes of New Mexico Family Optometry and Contact Lenses located in Albuquerque to partner with Treehouse Eyes®, the country's leading myopia management service to provide myopia management for children. This revolutionary system, designed to treat your child's myopia and significantly reduce the threat of more serious eye diseases, means you don't have to watch every year as your child's vision gets worse.

Schedule an appointment today and one of our doctors will evaluate your child's vision and make a customized treatment plan to slow or even stop myopia from progressing.

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