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RAEN Optics

RAEN’s Mission

Here at RAEN, we believe that handmade is the best way to do things. That’s why we create all of our frames by hand – from the first sketch to the final polish.

Our home in Oceanside, California inspires everything we make, and our line of premium eyewear embodies that free-spirited, coastal lifestyle through and through. With a dedication to design and a passion for craftsmanship, we want to give everyone a better way to soak in the sun.


RAEN’s Standard

We build each pair of frames with the highest design standards, paying meticulous attention to every cut, screw, and nuance. Each step of the way, we rigorously review and re-review so we can provide handcrafted frames with exceptional fit, comfort, and durability. For us, the extra mile makes all the difference.

RAEN’s Home

Hugging the shore just north of San Diego, our home in Oceanside offers a dynamic mix of surf, sun, and culture. It’s a place where expression and creativity flow freely in and out of the water, infusing our brand with a style and substance that speaks to the people and the landscape. Best of all, some of our favorite waves are right across the street from the office.